Monday, June 30, 2014

Real Quick...

So my mass email was way late... I know. Sorry about that. We usually are doing the emailing thing on Mondays, but because of issues with the network at our internet shop we weren't able to finish our emails and send stuff out. So we came back today to send them all off for you guys.

Things for me are going really well. I am just trying to work hard and stay focused. The past couple weeks I have felt a lack of focus and drive. I am not really sure what it is, but it's something I haven't felt for most of my mission, so it's a weird feeling. I am wanting to stay on top of it and continue to stay productive all hours of the day. So any suggestions? Anything with videos or talks that you think would help give me a bit of a boost? No worries, I really am doing well. I just could use a bit of inspiration if you know what I mean. :]
I met a guy named Elder Mitchell Best. Him and I used to sms back and forth when we were both home. We found out through facebook, that we were going to the same mission. Some friends connected us. Anyways he was all cool and supportive of me as I was wanting to go but kept getting delayed. He actually is a way cool guy. I saw him once at the mission home when I first arrived, but on P-day we were able to play soccer and really have fun and get to know each other. Just a random side note.
I loved getting all the pictures and hearing about how Tal is getting a new apartment and stuff.. it looks DANG nice. I am jealous! Brendon actually just told me he is getting sent home 3 weeks early. So that's weird. He come's home Oct. 7th. Can you believe he is already almost done?! Ahh so weird. Anyways, time just flies. I am on my fifth companion. It's weird how used you get to constantly living with and being with someone... I really love people, but I don't think two humans are supposed to be within sight and sound of each other 24/7. My comp and I get along real well, but this is just a general observation.
Life is good. Mom I know sister pat loves talking to you so much! She is such a sweet lady.
Love you guys! talk to you next week! If you could print out some talks and send them to me in the mail that would be glorious.

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