Monday, June 23, 2014

Khangela. (Check me out.)‏

Just some shots of me in the area with people I love!

The one with the older couple and their granddaughter is the Nooi family who we found two weeks back. They have committed to baptism, so now we just need to help them progress. They are the sweetest people.

Then the other two pictures are me with monkeys we saw today. It was pretty unreal to have monkeys climbing and running all over you. TIA!

Just thought I would send you a picture with some people that I get to see all the time and work with. It's pretty great. Zodwa and Limo (The girls) are investigators. Milton (the boy) is a fellowshipper. Such a great kid.

Thought the cereal one obonye made would make you laugh. And then that is me and Elder Obonye. Love the guy so much.

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