Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just a CRAZY Story for y'all!

I felt like going Jack Bauer or Michael Weston on some guys the other day.  I wont tell everyone this I don't think, but the other day my companion and I were walking and we heard screaming from around the corner and everyone was running to see what was going on.  We ran up and saw six guys all fighting each other.  3v3 style.  two were beating some guys with these club things.  A guy was about to grab this woman and she pulled out a knife and tried to stab him.  (we later found out it was his wife) anyways the guy took the knife from her, punched her in the face and threw her in the car.  The other two guys that were with him jumped into the car as well and they all took off.  Some guys jumped out and pulled out a gun and started chasing after the car only to loose them.  Anyways, we asked some of the guys that were watching what all happened and I guess a guy had found out that his wife was cheating on him with some other guy.  So he grabbed two friends and went to take her back.  The other guy who was sleeping with the guys wife also had friends so it turned into an all-out war.  Anyways, we were shocked and it was crazy, but we decided to still head to our appointment.  So we continued on down the street only to see two cars pulled over and see these three guys BEATING THE HECK out of the woman.  I yelled at them to stop and a guy pulled out his gun and told us to "hamba" (go).  Anyways there was no one else on the street so I KNEW if we went over there it would get worse and they wouldn't have a problem shooting us.  So we watched them and walked past on the other side of the street as they were hitting and kicking her.  I had the most distinct impression to grab my companion and say a prayer for her.  We stepped into someones yard away from the street and I said a prayer asking that it would stop, and that their hearts would be softened.  Well as we walked out back on the street they had stopped hitting her and they were both sitting on the ground next to each other talking.  We walked away and were basically flipping out.  I was really amazed and inspired by the fact that our prayer had stopped the violence.  It was honestly a horrible and crazy thing to see, but it was also a testimony building experience.  So yeahh, TIA.  This is Africa. Besides that things are truly going so great! I am loving it here.  I'll tell more about what is going on in my mass email.  I hope you enjoyed the crazy story though.

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