Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hey peeps‏

Hello to all my favorite people!

So things on this side are going well. Basically not too much has happened since I wrote you guys like two days ago, but I still have some things to say.
I went on exchanges with Elder Bohn, and it was awesome. We taught our first lesson to a guy that I have been working with for a bit to a guy named Mveleli. He is a great guy. A total church goer and really is always willing to listen to our message. The real issue is the fact that he doesn't seem to understand that our church is the ONLY church with the Authority from God. Meaning, the Priesthood. We taught him the plan of salvation. We answered all his questions and did a good job teaching, the issue was the spirit for some reason was NOT in the lesson. Elder Bohn and I are both good teachers, but we realize that without the spirit we pretty much fail. There wasn't power and authority with us as we taught. Yeahh, we answer questions and taught principals, but the true teacher, for some reason, wasn't there. It really just reminded me how ESSENTIAL it is to have the spirit with you teaching in the lesson.
We then went and taught Happiness the Plan of Salvation as well only to have his cousin walk in and join in the lesson. They both felt the spirit SO much and his cousin Cuma, asked for us to come see him later today! So that will be awesome.
We then went and found that two of our appointments had dropped, so we biked to brother Gcina's to go with him and follow up on some people he wanted us to teach. Basically all of them didn't work out except for a lady named Sibongile. After we told her our purpose and set a time to come see her this weekend we walked out, only to have Gcina then tell us that she was a lesbian, and she has a girlfriend... So yeahh, that kinda puts a kink in our plans, but he said she really has a desire to grow close to God, so hopefully this can help her change.
Continuing on with all the awesome things that have been going on for me and Elder Bohn yesterday..... We then went and taught a non member father led family. The Mgise family. They are ULTRA united and really big leaders in their church. We taught the restoration. The spirit was so apparent and we taught extremely well. It was just a stellar lesson. Elder Bohn was whipping out scriptures while I was testifying, expounding and teaching. Bohn just knows his scriptures.. we would have been in the same transfer if I had gone out in March when I originally was supposed to... but who cares!? I am here now, I wouldn't have it any other way. Too many wonderful things happened when I was at home and now that I am here. It's been perfect. So yeahh, teaching was awesome. The issue was at the end of teaching the lesson to this guy I invited him to pray and come to know for himself if what we taught was true... he said that he will study and wait for God to reveal it to him... DAHHHH FAIL!!! We kept telling him he needs to pray to receive his answer... he wouldn't budge though. So frustrating. Over time he will hopefully progress.
Then we went and went over the baptismal interview questions with Florence Ncube. She needs to be refreshed on a few things, but I have no worries. She has the spirit of conversion, she loves church, she will continue to learn and do great!
So yeahh, then Elder Bohn and I rode our bikes to the chapel, which is just a business complex building that is being rented out, and did hands up stands up competitions with the youth that were there for mutual. Then I was doing my karate kicks while elder bohn was doing the windmill, it was pretty sweet! Haha then we shared a scriptures with all of them and got picked up by Elder Mashigo and Elder Olsen. We had a quick mcdonalds run (second time this transfer, be proud of me) and then we went home and crashed. It was a good missionary day. We usually teach five or more lessons a day. And we did that, so it was a good day. Elder Bohn is a great guy and I learned a lot from him. I cannot wait to be that knowledgeable towards the end of my mission. Elder Bohn and I are FOR SURE hanging out when we are both home and going to BYU.
Tal, just a shoutout, your email was the best thing ever. Thanks so much. I'll talk to you all soon!
Elder Thayne II

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