Monday, June 30, 2014

Too Early.

Okay, I know I am not TOO early with writing you guys, but I am trying! Sorry for the lack of new details in my mass letter, but not too much happened after Elder Bohn and I had our exchange. Things are good here though. I am just really tired. Haha Elder Mashigo is too tired to be in this area. I hope that next transfer I get a new companion who can come and work extremely hard with me. Mashigo has just been here for too long, you know? He is just tired and too comfortable. 

People lately have been frustrated with us as missionaries. Apparently we aren't visiting them and hanging out with them as much as they used to, so they feel like we aren't focusing on them enough. I almost started laughing when someone came up to us and said that. I mean, our purpose is not to come here and help members feel loved and important. We are here to invite others to come unto Christ. We are here to strengthen and support the ward by bringing lost sheep back and helping others come into the fold. So it makes me laugh almost when people complain they aren't getting enough attention. I am not here to make friends, I am here to save souls. Making friends is just a bonus, it's not my purpose.
Well I am excited for you guys to be able to go out on Trek! I know Grayson will have SO much fun! Tell Dallin hi for me! I hope he is doing well. I love that guy so much. He has always been such a good guy and such a great friend to Talmage. I will forever respect and love him for that. True friends are hard to come by these days.
This week is the fourth of July! I am going to miss the fireworks and happy times. Independence day is second only to Christmas. I love it so much. Maybe we will have a braai or something. I know on thursday we are going to Panorotties which is an all you can eat pizza place! That'll be fun!
Alrighty, well we are going to go to the nike factory and look at stuff then probably go play some volleyball. Hurrahh for SACTM!  (South Africa Cape Town Mission)
:Love you guys!
Elder Thayne

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