Saturday, June 21, 2014

No Flash Photography, please...

Hey guys! So things here are going good! We had interviews with President Wood and they went really well! He told me that he was really proud of me for the work I have been doing here in Khayelitsha/Mandalay. So that was cool! P-Wood is gone in just a week and a half though and then we get our new Prez, President Merrill. We are super excited for that! 

Elder Mchunu and I have been talking and we have started cooking up a plan. We asked president for us to be companions. We both have such a vision for this work, and I feel like if I have a hardworking companion here with me in this area things will REALLY start to blow up and get done. People here really seem to like me, but I can tell that a few are annoyed because we haven't been visiting them multiple times a week like Elder Pebe and Mashigo used to do before I came. They would just sit at members houses all day most days. Some members miss that and want us to hang out with them, but I ain't about that life. I am here to work, making friends is only a bonus.
So yeahh, in a couple weeks we will find out if that plan works out or not. Hopefully it does, if not then we will just keep working as hard as we can wherever we are.
I have been a bit discouraged lately with the fact that I am having to DRAG my companion around. We only seem to really "get along" if we aren't working super hard. he prefers to just chill at brother gcina's house or something. I don't know, I love him lots, but I can tell he is tired of me dragging him, and I have been feeling a bit frustrated with that.
WE GOT BIKES THIS WEEK! So yeahh, that is pretty awesome! Elder Mashigo has a red older bike and I got a brand new fancy greenish coloured one. We had only had them for like 30 minutes and some guys started throwing rocks at us from the other side of the street for no reason. A few hit us, but it wasn't that bad. And the bikes are NICE. So we will probably be getting robbed in the next couple of weeks. I told the office when we got them that they were too nice, but they said just take them and don't get robbed.. Haha if only they knew.
It's all good though. Things are great, but there are little struggles and frustrations. Pray for me and pray for all the people we invited to church. Love you guys SO much.
Elder Thayne

Just a little end of the week update/email for all of you guys.  Things here in Khayelitsha are going great.  I am not gonna lie though, I am sick of getting rained on.  Here are a few pictures of me and the people I am working with here in SA.  
love you guys!

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