Monday, July 7, 2014

Stars and Stripes.

Lets all have a moment of silence for the USA soccer team. They were knocked out by Belgium in the World Cup...

Okay moment of silence is over. It truly was a sad thing though. I never got to see any of it, but I heard it was heartbreaking... this is coming from an African's point of view. Apparently our team is getting better. Hurrah for 'murica!
This week has been an interesting one. It was a bit slower because of a few things.
#1 It was raining SO hard this week. On an off though. So we would be at someones house and it would become all sunshine and rainbow's outside so we would assume we could leave. Right when we are walking away from the house Satan himself would start blowing winds that the big bad wolf would be impressed by, and rain would start coming down like the earth was destined to be flooded a second time. Then we would take refuge in a members home nearby only to have it clear up. Then once we would leave the same process would take place over and over again.
#2 I became deathly ill due to all the rain and long days. I was so destroyed by this illness that I wasn't allowed to go to the area by my district leader on Saturday. And then Friday in all honesty, I wasn't the best teacher while we were in lessons. I was struggling. But I am on the upswing now, so don't stress mum. 
#3 It was drinking week this week. So basically anyone and everyone we spoke to or were working with was drunk, or planning on getting drunk within the hour. So that was a bit of a bummer, but this coming week people will have to get back to their lives and stay sober... until the weekend that is.
So yeahh, like I said, those were a couple things that slowed us down, but it's alright. No unhallowed hand can stop the work of God. It continues to move forward. I got news that Siphenathi Nake, my first baptism, recently started coming back to church. His whole family is almost baptized. All the other recent converts are doing amazing as well. So that was something that really brought joy to my soul. In the missionary Preach My Gospel manual it says, "It is not enough for people to come into the church, they must come to stay." How true that is. People must come and stay and continue to enjoy the blessings that come through righteous living. So it made me so happy to hear those I taught and loved in Mdantsane are going strong.
Some highlights from this week.
#1 We got our new mission president. Our new president is awesome... apparently. I haven't met him yet. He recently outlawed iPods and said if any Elder is apostate, especially in leadership, he will step them down immediately. He is going to have elders start training earlier instead of waiting till you are over a year and a half to train. And with our old president everyone trained. No matter what kind of Elder you are. That's going to be a good change. I am excited to meet him and see what else changes during his reign. ;]
#2 We committed Happiness' cousin Chuma to baptism as well. And then also we committed a guy named Vuyusile, who is dating a member girl, to baptism. He said he wants to get baptized then get engaged and go to the temple with her. I am so excited for them. So there is a future eternal family that we are having a hand in helping. What joy comes from serving and seeing people grow close to God and find purpose in their life.
#3 Also, brother Gcina and I and whoever my companion will be (it's transfer week this week) are going to be opening up a new part of our area that has never been touched before. It's called drift sands. It's basically shack city. I am so stoked. That is where you find those who are truly searching.
As I said, it's been a good, but slow week. I am looking forward to the coming transfer. We are planning on a lot of baptisms as well as a lot of new work ahead of us.
Shout-out to Talmage for being a stud, and to my entire family for all the love.
And another shout-out to all of you who write and support me as well. I really can say it means the world to hear from you guys! 
Last shout-out to Tanner Clegg for heading out on a mission here in SA!
Real quick, I would challenge you all to study up on the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is such a foundation for everything that we do and believe. I can honestly say I know that Joseph Smith saw what he said he saw. In fact, I have never been more sure in my life. I came to that understanding and that conclusion through diligent prayer and seeking for a personal testimony. The sacrifices that he, Jesus Christ, and so many others have made for us to have this gospel amazes me. I would ask that we don't take what we have for granted. 
Elder Thayne
Pictures: Last P-Day with Elder Olsen. Jumping on a bouncy house. Don't worry, I asked the guy for permission.
Featuring: Elder Olsen, Elder Bohn, Elder Mashigo and yours truly.

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