Monday, February 23, 2015

It's Gonna Take Work!

The weeks keep flying by. It goes, Monday to Monday. I hardly have time to do anything before it starts over again. Work, work, work... Just gotta keep it up with this work.
This week we really got things done. We organized with the ward to go with the bishopric and other members of the Elder's quorum every week on Thursday. As I was announcing the splits in Priesthood, we asked for who would be willing to come and go out with us to teach these families, we had three of our investigators raise their hand and offer to come. That sure brought a smile to our faces as we explained we would probably be having those other brothers come with us to teach THEM! But once they are baptized we would love their help to go out and strengthen their brethren. That was really fun.
We worked real hard and got some good stuff done. I was sick during the week, but that didn't really take away from us teaching at all. One night I was so sick we had to go home an hour early so I could throw up the contents of my lunch, but other than that we have just been truckin' along. Sister Human (A member in our ward) heard I was sick and called to check in on me. SO sweet. She treats me like her own son. We love that family, as well as all the others here in the ward.
We were able to get a car! - Let me real quick tell you what a big deal that is.... We are literally the FIRST walking missionaries in the history of SACTM to have a car given to us. It is the spare car, but since we were doing lots of work, President Merrill gave it to us to use, until they have a need for it elsewhere. So it's a big deal for us. Lots of blessings are coming our way. We are going to have very limited KM's that we need to stick with. But we don't mind at ALL! It is really going to help the work progress forward! Especially with getting Melchizedek Priesthood holders to come out with us and fellowship those that we are teaching. We have six people that are looking to get baptized on March 15th. President's prophesy on us baptizing many people this transfer is coming true. The Lord has blessed us with many! Elder Johnson and Elder Soko are also preparing a few others, they should have a lot of baptisms on April 12th though, so just a month later. Elder Pope and his next companion as well should have a lot of work ahead of them.
Elder Pope himself is doing really great. I am loving watching him grow. I think he is really starting to get more comfortable in his own skin as a missionary. He is taking the lead more often and willing to swim when I throw him in the deep end. I realize the best way to learn is by teaching what to do, then throwing them in a situation to apply what they learned. 
Elder Soko is doing very well. He loves Elder Johnson, like I say every week. He is doing his best to adjust to missionary life. As a zone it was stressed the importance of applying the principles found in adjusting to missionary life, so we as a district have been applying that as well. We also set a district curfew for during the week as well as weekends. It keeps the elders safe in area's such as this. Which has helped us set the standard for when we need to be in and how things are going down in this district. We also have a time we have to be out the boarding. 30 minutes after studies. So for us, 10:30, for Elder Johnson and Elder Soko, 11:30. Many times it is before that because of a service we have to do in the morning or something like that. The area is going so well for them. They are helping less actives return in full force as well as bringing in new people. Lots of priesthood, and that's what we want. 
Things haven't been super easy, but we glory in our afflictions. Because the good for sure outweighs the bad. Paul knew what's up.
We spoke with the Bishopric and got some lists being put together for us of the recent converts as well as the less-actives. As a ward council they are going to pray and fast for the names of five families that need out support and attention, but not ours alone. They will be assigning people to come with us and specifically focus on these people and helping them come back, so it'll be nice to have back-up as we work with them. 
The district is doing great. I don't know of anything at the moment that concerns me. We are doing our best to bless our ward, as well as lift and support the entire zone and mission. And I think it's working. I am learning so much as a District Leader and by serving along side these Elders. I realize that you gain SO much more by serving, then by being served. Leadership really teaches you more than you teach others.
We were teaching Brother Songezo, he is brother Senzo's brother.... Lots of brothers there... but hopefully that made sense. Anyway, Songezo was really feeling the spirit as we taught him the law of Chastity and told him of the power of repentance. He was really touched as we read Enos 1:27 which talks about how we can feel when we see the saviour again if we have lived the right way. He then, through his tears, told us of how his life has changed ever since the Lord sent us into his life. He has taken all steps of repentance, he is changing who he is and turning himself over to the Lord. It's amazing to see. He comes to church, prays and reads everything we give him. I had a realization, if I leave this area, without anything else, I can feel confident in the fact that through my efforts, and the Lord's blessing, at least someone's life has been touched. Thankfully, many have been blessed, myself included.
Really quick cool story. Saturday night, I have started doing this the past few weeks, I prayed for all my recent converts by name. Well the next morning Elder Black called me and told me that two of my recent converts, that had gone less active, randomly showed up at church and just felt like it was time to come back and change.. Prayer is real.
Well everyone, I love and appreciate you all. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Prayers are ALWAYS coming your way.
Last thought, in a talk in Stake Conference Elder Thomas, a senior couple missionary, said, "In order to have faith to move mountains, you've got to carry a shovel with you." - I now live by that.
-Elder Thayne
Dad. We had Taco salads annnnnd Lemon Meringue pie last night! Be jealous!

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