Monday, February 2, 2015

God Is Love.‏

Creepin' on the low low‏
I have to say, that is probably my favorite response that people give out here once we teach them a principal of the gospel. It usually comes when they don't understand you or don't really listen to what you say/ask, "So Tata, will you come to church this sunday?" he replies, "Ewe buthi, God is love." *palm to face* That honestly happens more than you would think. It's nuts. Lemme tell you.

Anyways, gosh, what to say this week. I honestly don't have too much to report. 
I am getting Elder Pope on Wednesday! New companion. Party. President is putting me on special assignment to turn this kids mission around. He said, "Elder Thayne, you and the Lord just turned Elder Matini's mission around. I need you to do it again." So yeahh... that's my news and about all I know. I am sure he will be great though. I am excited for the opportunity.
Elder Johnson is going to be the only one in the district that remains behind with me. Elder Shabalala and Elder Matini are leaving. They are moving over to Mdantsane. So they are staying real close by. Elder Johnson is going to be training a new elder here from South Africa. So that'll be really cool. It'll be a very young district. Elder Soko (New Elder)- 2 weeks old, Elder Johnson- Six months old, Elder Pope - 4 1/2 months old and then me- 14 1/2 months old. I am the grandpa here... which really is so weird for me. First district where that has been the case. I still think I am going to learn a LOT from all of them though.
Something that my president said to me this week is, "Elder Thayne, how many bodies have you had? One. So don't you stress when you aren't perfect at this whole life experience. Just wake up each morning and pray and tell the Lord what you are going to do better today, than you did yesterday. Then do it." - That's some advice for all of you. Yeahh, we aren't perfect, but this whole thing is a learning process. Mistakes of yesterday don't define you, they refine you. 
This week has been a bit hard for me and our whole district. Honestly it's been so different. The work has been slow. The days have been dark, dreary and rainy. Which kind of blow, but it's fine. Just keeping the ETERNAL perspective. Sometimes as people we get our face so close to that pile of crap on the ground that we fail to see all the beauty and the journey ahead of us. We just need to sit up, take in the view and take a step over that pile of crap.. You know? "Instead of looking for a new landscape, find new eyes." What is the Lord trying to teach us with all this stuff we are going through? Humility? - Probably. I mean, knowing us it's that. We need to learn how to submit our will to the Lords. Take a look at that eternal perspective everyone, and tell me how the view looks from up there!
I'll send y'all a bunch of pictures that I took this week. The one where we are with the family is the first councilor's, Brother Chamberlain's, family. Then one picture is with all the Young men and Elder Matini and I. We gave them a big lesson all about the importance of mission and how they should prepare. Then a picture of Elder Matini and I outside our flat. He is all buff and shirtless in the background wearing his lava lava. then a failed jumping picture with a sunset in our backyard. And me standing by a sign over by our boarding. Haven hills is where we work!
Okay. Sorry for not including more detail. There isn't much to say.
Love you all! Keep in touch and remember, CTR.
-Elder Mitchell Ryan Thayne

Elder Matini and I out tracting!  Us at Senzo and Linda's house! They are doing SO well! Me fishing at the Nahoon dam.  Then me studying in the lava lava and the rest of my swag I've collected on mission.

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