Monday, February 9, 2015

Have Miracles Ceased? Nay.‏

Tsup you beautiful people?
How are things in the land of the free and home of the brave? I saw a girl wearing pants that looked like an american flag the other day, which lead to thoughts of fourth of July, which of course led to thoughts of family, fireworks and good times. God bless the USA!
Anyways, things out here are great. I personally am doing real good. The adjustment to a new missionary companion is ALWAYS weird. But it's fine, I know in time the adjustment will be made and Elder Pope and I will get in the full swing of things. I just took him out his first day and tracted his buns off. It was the first time he had tracted his whole mission. So he was a bit apprehensive at first, but it all started to become a little more routine and he wasn't worried about it by like the 30th house. He told me he wanted to become a good person and a good missionary, so it's my intention to help him do that. We have a wonderful area and district. So we just gotta put our heads down and work, then stand and watch the Lord's hand work miracles.
District meeting was nice. It was my first one, so it was really different, but I learned a lot as I prepared for it and delivered the message I felt inspired to give. It was really based on how we as missionaries have this purpose, "To invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end." We all have that commission. I shared how we all have been given the authority to do so. Articals of Faith 1:5. We always hear the words power and authority said clumped together, but we don't really think about what they mean. We all have authority or permission to do this great work, but the way we gain power in what we do is how we live and how we serve. The power part is what gives everything we do the umph... The authority isn't enough. We must be worthy, obedient and diligent, while also exercising faith, then we can be assured the Lord will give us the spiritual power and prepare the way before us to get this work movin'. Anyways, then as a district we set goals and expectations for what we want to do this transfer, and I told how we need to earn that spiritual power in order to have these miracles happen that we are expecting.
The area itself is doing good as well. Things started to pick up more this week! We worked real hard and did some great finding as well as helping those we teach progress. We, as a companionship and then as a district, set some real high goals and set expectations for ourselves in what we want to accomplish, with the Lord's help, this transfer. 
This week, while doing our usual, walk through the area Sunday morning, we were blessed with something amazing. A little back story, we had three of our progressing baptismal dates move away to jo-burg this week. Which of course put a huge damper in the work. We were sad because we had really high hopes for them, but we know all things are done in the Lord's wisdom. So we still went to work, despite the heavy hearts. While walking we had a tata, from the gate, wave at us. We walked over to him and started talking. He told us how he had once been taught by the missionaries a couple years ago. Said he knew about the Book of Mormon and really wanted us to start coming back and visiting him, his wife and two kids again. He said he always has Sundays off and would love to come to church.. best part? HE HAS A CAR! A Mercedes at that. So we are going to see him this Thursday. While walking away from that we had a tata that we started talking to who was walking home from work, he works night shift. Anyways, he told us how his father was a member and he really want's to know what he needs to do to be baptized and come to church. So we shared the Book of Mormon with him and gave him a baptismal date right there. We are seeing him this Tuesday.
I almost forgot. On Saturday, after four appointments dropped in a row, we were walking to try and follow up on an investigator we meet with in Emerald Sky. While walking a tata, slightly drunk walked up to us super excited about seeing us. We started talking with him to find out he ALSO was taught by missionaries in Mdantsane for a while. He said he would come to church every week, he just has a weakness for alcohol. He told us that since then he has been divorced and was recently remarried. He then called his wife over who said they wanted to start coming to church together and bringing their whole family. Kids: Ages 21, 20 and 18. They said they want to be taught all the lessons, help him kick his habit and be in the church. Another miracle. Then also we found two more coloured guys who just moved here and are looking for a church, but I don't have time to tell you that story as well. 
Well alright everyone. Sorry I don't have time for more talk of miracles and all that good stuff. Just know, as always, I am one happy son of a gun. I have a wonderful district, a great area, and wonderful people back home supporting and loving me.
Pictures: We went to a rugby game. So dang cool. It was our investigator Senzo's. He played like a champ. I also had a tatoo drawn on me by elder Matini the other day and he gave me the name Malosi, which means strong in samoan. Then I took a page out of Elder Tanner Cleggs book and got a nice drinking of the coke shot for all of you. Love you. Then me saying bye to our baptismal date vuyo who just moved away along with two other people we were preparing for baptism. :[ but it's fine, the Lord closes one door and opens up three others. Life is still good here in SACTM.
It's the best. I love it.
Elder Mitchell Ryan Thayne

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