Monday, February 24, 2014

Who Needs Social Media?


It's been a wonderful week. Every week when I decide to sit down and write about all that went on during the week I realize that no matter how much I say, I really can't do justice to the experience I am having here in South Africa. So just a rundown on what is going on for me here in Mdantsane. 
The good:
- Asiphe is going to be baptized by me this weekend. Elder Capozzoli is baptizing KC. So two more souls on their way back home. 2/7,000,000,000... On our way!
- Our district is going to have to go to the premier league in Europe after mission. #eurofootball
- At least my companion has his backflip down. 
- I bowled a 97 last week without bumpers. Yes. 
- I shook Elder Maynes of the presidency of the seventies hand this week. 
- A drunk man told me that I am uniting the nations under God on a mission and he wants to unite our two nations by me marrying his daughter. At least that was my understanding of what he said. 
- I no longer have to lie down for a while after eating African food. 
- We booked an appointment to ride elephants next week. TIA. (This is Africa) 
- I am wanting to get a ukulele. I learned our mission anthem on it.
The funny:
- I keep forgetting that I am white. 
- Whenever I see a white lady, I want to say, "Molo Ma." I actually said molo once, which means hello in Xhosa, to a white lady. She just glared and bustled on by. 
- I am an awkward wreck in the presence of someone who's skin is lighter than Talmages in the dead of summer. 
- Last week there was another white guy for the first time of my mission, besides my companion and I, in our sacrament meeting. 
- See a trend?
- Elder Kafusi, a Polynesian Elder, kept hitting himself in the face on purpose with a swing barn door. Don't ask me why it's funny, it just is. 
- I was handed a HUGE heavy package and told it was mine. I opened it up and saw LOADS of candy, ties and beef jerkey. Along with all that I found quite the love letter. Unfortunately, it was as I was reading this letter I realized the package, it's contents and the girl waiting back home all belongs to another elder in the zone...later on I got my package from the family. Thanks Mom!
- We almost got stuck in our suits in the mud with our car, but with fervent prayer and a lot of wasted petrol we made it out. 
- Apparently saying ratchet is basically a swearword here. 
- Potato salad is just as strange here in South Africa. 
- When you are praying in someone's home, the Mama's always grunt when they agree with something in your prayer, kind of hard not to laugh sometimes. 
The bad:
- An Elder tried to start a fight with pushing and slapping in the face, but luckily Elder Capozzoli and I proved to be the better men. 
- All my pants are now ripped somewhere. 
- This is my last week with my mission father Elder Capozzoli. There is no way I will have as good of a companion next transfer as him. 
The spiritual:
- Our lesson with Asiphe, who reminds me of Afton, where she asked me to baptize her. 
- The dinner appointment with the two once-less-active sisters Anita and Busi. They gave us a toast and told us that if we hadn't came and brought them back on the path, they never would have. It was a bit of an emotional moment. 
- John 3:16 & Alma 7:11-13. I stand all amazed. 
- A non member Mama sat in on our lesson with her grandson and read 2 Chronicles 7:14. She said we would help the people do what it says so The Lord will heal this land. That was powerful. 
- 10 investigators on their way to baptism within the next month or so. 
- After "letting go" last week I am a better missionary.
I have been really feeling the blessings of service in my own personal life and in the lives of those we work with. God is helping change their hearts. It is honestly a beautiful sight to behold. I love you all so much. Keep the faith.
Elder Mitchell Ryan Thayne

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