Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 1 of Combined Area's

It's been an alright week here in Queenstown. Transfers went relatively smoothly and without any problems. The Elders who stayed behind just continued to work and get to know each other a bit better which was good. I really appreciated their integrity. Stud muffins.

We sent off Elder Stegelmeier, which was sad, but I know he will do great at home. Everyone here, including me, miss him already. I also saw my son, Elder Dryer in East London just before he shipped off to PE. I love that guy. 

Anyway, Elder Radebe and I are real excited to try and make things happen out here in the now combined area's of eZibeleni and Queenstown. I have really tried not to let Elder Radebe see that I have no idea what I am doing and that I was a tad bit frustrated with the new workload and areas. We didn't really have too much of a setup for us when we took over the town area. The elders did great work there and really tried, but they did not really record their efforts in the area book really well. So we are just kind of having to start a from scratch. I am really trying to keep up a hopeful and positive attitude, but I have to admit, I was feeling a bit discouraged when we were trying to make things happen in town. So we are going to really try and involve the members and make things happen these coming weeks. I know my companion is a stud and I'll be learning a lot from him, I just want to try and help him and the Zone be the best they can be.

It's different having a companion who can speak Xhosa and stuff again. We get along real good, but now that he is here, people just speak Xhosa to him for days and I am totally lost all the time. It's fine though. I just need to learn to speak better I think.

Wonderful news though, we finally had a baptism here from eZibeleni. The brothers name is Anamandla Homane, he is almost 20 years old. Just a champion. He loves the Lord and LOVES the church. He is so stoked to get the priesthood and get to work in the church. He always is asking to come fellowshipping with us and is inviting all of his friends. The baptism went well and we had a few other potential priesthood holders that attended his baptism as well which made all of them excited! I know Elder Crowell and Elder Wall (the other two elders in our ward) have several sweet people that are coming up for baptism as well. Things are just going great. The district here in Queenstown was an inspired idea. Having us all together I think will really help. Elder Crowell is doing a great job already as a district leader, I think he'll make things easy for us as Zone Leaders.

There really isn't too much more to say about the week. The Farnsworth's took Elder Stegelmeier and I out to eat since he was on his way out.. It was so dang good and I don' think I have had something that nice in forever. Chicken quesadilla's. Powerful food.

Also, the picture of the crazy looking Xhosa girl with the spoon and cinnamon is a girl named Zizipho. She is an awesome member from the Ndabeni family. I told her I would give her fifty rand if she would do the cinnamon challenge. (A spoonful of cinnamon put in your mouth and you have to swallow it without letting any come out) She NAILED it. Totally did it. I have never seen anyone do it so well. Pretty funny to see.

We are also teaching a white girl named Stacy. She is a referral from the Human family out in East London. We are working with her and I think that will go real well.

Dumisa is still a stud and progressing really well. Lwando is another brother, he is the cousin of the Ndabeni's. Real great guy and really trying to do what is right. We love him a lot. We also have a few others who are progressing, but they will probably be at the end of August for their baptism. Dumisa and Lwando we are hoping and praying will be ready to go by August ninth. Please mention them in your prayers by name.

All in all things are good. Just need to figure out how to balance our time between the two area's, baptize many, build up town, and encourage higher levels of success with the elders. I am always learning. I love that. "I yet have strength. Lord, give me one more mountain to climb."

I love Baptisms. I vow never again to go another four and a half months on mission without one.

Love you everyone. Thank you for everything.

- Mdala Mitchell Ryan Thayne

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