Monday, July 6, 2015

Independence Day/Funeral

What's good usapho?
I hope you all watched the mormon message - "Lift" - that I sent last week. If not, you still have time to repent and go watch it. Do it now.
Elder Stegelmeier and I had a great week this past week. He just keeps on going. Stud. But, I guess as far as key indicators goes, this week doesn't look like anything unreal, but we had a sort of look-in-the-mirror-moment and thought about how we aren't being as effective as we could be. Teaching 40 some odd lessons a week really isn't resulting in anything when we are only having minimal member involvement. So, we readjusted our focus and are really trying to make member missionary work a priority. We have been doing a lot of service for different members trying to really let them know how much we love them. We also have been visiting members and going over pamphlet teaching with them and extending commitments to help bring people into their home for us to teach. 
Then also this week we had a great highlight together. Elder Stegelmeier and I were visiting the homes of the active members of eZibeleni and asking for advice and council on what they would like to see us do in helping them with their missionary work. So they gave lots of thoughts and ideas. So we got approval from Bishop Vali, and we held a meeting at Mama Nkomfe's home with all the active members of eZibeleni. Only one family wasn't able to come and one single sister. Every other active member was there. Well, we spoke about rescuing the lost and our responsibility to be the saviours on mount zion for these people. We focused on Luke 15:3-7 and Alma 6:6 along with a few other scriptures. 
As we counselled together there was an obvious spirit that could be felt in the room. We then made a plan to start two seperate cottage meetings every week in different locations in eZibeleni. One will be held at the Jabanga home one one side, and the other will be held at the Nkomfe home on the other. We committed these people to invite and bring at least one less active or one investigator friend to these meetings. Everyone committed and we then taught them about testing the promises of God and covenanting with him to do all we can to make it happen. The spirit was so strong as we sang hims and closed with a powerful prayer by Elder Farnsworth. 
The next day during fast and testimony meeting there were a few members who spoke of the experience. We all fasted together as eZibeleni members for the work. It was dang cool.
Also, a powerful side-note/story... Elder Stegelmeier and I sang at a funeral for a members father that was held at the Uniting Presbyterian Church. Pretty cool to walk up while they are beating their drums and singing. Then to have it go dead silent and have us sing "Be Still My Soul." It was powerful. I am sure angels sang with us, because people really thought it was amazing. Now, Elder Stegelmeier and I are NOT singers by any means, but in that moment, Journey, Josh Groban and Michael Buble had nothing on us. Just a sweet story how God really NEVER will fail or forsake us.
I am sure you are all tired of my Zone Leader training stories and talking about member missionary work, but it's my entire life right now. Honestly I haven't and almost CANT think about anything else. It's my focus. These people are my life. I feel like the more and more I love and give to them, the more and more I gain and become myself. It's the greatest give and take situation ever. I just feel like Heavenly Father must know what He is doing. I mean, I am in the best place, with the best people ever. I love it.
So no one told me about how they have served and loved people this past week. I take that as, no one did it. So again, repent and do it. Then report back to me. Try to be a rainbow in someones cloud this week.
Love you all so much. Sorry I don't have loads of time.
Mdala Mitchell Ryan Thayne

You will read about this in my mass email... but basically we sang "be still my soul" at a funeral at the Uniting Methodist Church. Just after one of their drum banging hymns. 
Pretty sweet stuff.

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