Monday, May 4, 2015

My new companion - Elder Stegelmeier

My new companion - Elder Stegelmeier is a stud. He came in after serving for 6 months in Botswana to the South Africa Cape Town Mission. I love him a lot. He just is a quiet good guy. He doesn't do things for recognition, he does them because they are right. Always deflecting compliments in order to build others up. He turns 20 the same day has Halsten! So cool! I know I'll be learning a lot with him. He is from Idaho and I think he is going to help me be good at eating well and exercising. YES IT IS COLD HERE! Ohh my word. WE are freezing. I heard sometimes it even snows in Queenstown. Party.
We had hardly any time in our area this week due to the fact we were traveling and stuff. So I don't have too many cool stories. Things are good and I am happy. Just working our guts out here in SACTM.
We travel SO much. For transfers (when missionaries move areas after six weeks) I was out of my area for forever. Four days in a row I was sleeping somewhere else. It was nuts. Then we had one day back, then I had to drive to Mthatha for an emergency with some elders... it's crazy. Then tonight we may need to drive back to Mthatha (three hours) to help a sick elder and take him down to East London (three more hours) get him to the docter and then take him back. Then on Friday our whole zone is going to East London, from Queenstown and Mthatha to have a Zone conference with Elder Evans. Head of the missionary department. he is a pretty big deal. i am so excited. Learning a lot as always. but it seems like we never have enough time to do all we need to do.
Love you elders. - Hahaha fail. I literally was trying to write "everyone" but elders has become so second nature. Fail.
Sorry it's so short this week. Just trying to stay focused.
- Mdala Thayne

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