Monday, April 27, 2015

Transfers End.

Well it's going to be another great transfer with another powerful companion. I have been able to be talk to Elder Stegelmeier - My new companion - a few times, and he seems like an extremely focused and humble missionary. He has a lot of integrity in his work as well, so I am excited to learn from him and grow all the more because of it! You know, it's just how things work out here on mission. You learn from it all... the good and the bad.
Elder Freitas is leaving, and it's a bummer, but I know he will do great in applying the things he has learned in his life and everything back home. I am excited for him. He for sure went out with a bang though. We were able to place 40 copies of the Book of Mormon this week (Sadly not 60), taught and invited MANY to come into the waters of baptism, and we saw several miracles. The zone is doing great. Everyone is a little antsy about transfers, but we have assured them the Lord has called them and their new companions to serve together, and everything will be alright. I know it'll be great to work with all these new elders coming into the Zone. I look forward to it. 
Miracles: While in Elder Williams' district meeting we heard uTata in the hall yelling, "Molweni!" So Elder Freitas and I went out to greet him. He then told us he wanted a Book of Mormon in English.... So we were all excited. We got him a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet, he proceeded to tell us in broken English that a couple months before some missionaries gave him the pamphlet, promised to come visit him in his home but never came back. He said that he has been reading it every day since he got it. He was flipping through the pamphlet showing us pictures and saying different things. He was almost pamphlet teaching us. He flipped to the first vision saying, "This is my father who is from heaven, he is with Jesus Christ and they came to Joseph Smith when he prayed and became a prophet." WHOA. We were blown away. He powerfully testified and said he wanted to know more. We invited him to be baptized right there and invited him to church. We are looking forward to seeing him this week. 
Then we also had a great experience while on an exchange with Elder Ntuli. We set some high goals, and said a prayer to start our day. We drove up to the area and I asked him, "Okay Elder Ntuli, tell me where and when to turn." Right, left, right - STOP - I saw a car and said that we should go try that house. We said a prayer, grabbed our pamphlets and walked up to the door. We walked inside the house and the sister that was sitting there with a few other people stood up - probably mid forties - and said, "Elders, how did you find me!?" We were looking at each other all confused. She then told us how she had just went through a divorce and had just recently, in the past couple of months, sort of fallen away from the church. She told us that morning, she had just moved back into Queenstown from Gauteng. She started tearing up telling us she couldn't believe the day she moved back, the Lord had led us right to her house. It was amazing. She is on fire now already after just seeing her twice.
So I mean, it'll be sweet to see how this transfer goes. We are teaching several father-led families and are super excited about it.
I don't have much time, I am in East London now and I am getting to visit everyone and just enjoy my time here since I have to be out of my area to plan for and prepare for transfers.
Also, I went on exchanges with the AP's. Elder Mchunu and I were loving it when we were together. Reunited at last.
Shoutout to Tal. Go kick it in Grandpa's old area in Ireland!
Well I have to go! Love you family!
Love - Elder Thayne I

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