Monday, December 15, 2014

East London round 2.‏

Dear Children of God,
I need to just tell president thank you for putting me in the best district in the entire mission. Elder Johnson is a champion. He knows why he is here and he is a total workhorse. Elder Shabalala gave a wonderful district meeting on Christ-like attributes and representing the Savior. He has changed so much since I last saw him. We are all getting along amazingly well and we all have set some big goals and plans for this ward. And then on top of that I have Elder Matini as my companion.
We have been working really hard here. Probably the hardest I have ever worked on mission thus far. I am loving being with Elder Matini. He said for the first time of his mission he is actually truly enjoying the work! We are loving each other so much. I hadn't thought things would go this well, but I think he can tell that I love him and I want the best for us both and the best for this area, so he is really willing to work with me and listen to what I have to say. He is really giving it his all. We have been tracting a lot and we found five new investigators the past couple of days that came to church! That is totally unreal, especially for this area, but Elder Matini and I exercised faith and the Lord blessed us. We also have been talking with the members, and we hopefully are having an FHE tonight with a referral that they want to give us.
I hope things are going well for all of you. I honestly am LOVING this area and LOVING this ward. This is probably already my favorite ward that I have been in. I love them so much. We had a big ol' ward Christmas party on Saturday and then church on sunday and a sing-along Christmas carol thing after church and the baptism. Members are already loving us, having us come over for dinner and giving us people to teach. I love them so much. I feel really good about how things are moving forward. It's such a blessing.
The ward and everything seems to be doing well. As for me personally I am working harder than I ever have before, I am being more obedient than ever and I am loving the work and everything more than ever. That is the blessing that comes from giving your heart to the Lord.
I love you all!
Elder Mitchell Ryan Thayne

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