Monday, October 13, 2014

I Scared the "Hell" Out of Her.‏

Dear family, friends, acquaintances and people I hardly know,
You guys will learn why I titled this email that way later on...
It's been another kewl week. I am for sure enjoying life as a missionary! We got a new car. Toyota Etios. It's the worst car ever. Basically a tin can on wheels, but it has some get up and go since it's so light, so that is cool as well. We got the new car because the other elders couldn't drive manual, luckily, I can. Thanks Dad.
Some elders and I sat down and wrote some raps. That was pretty cool. Mission life is so funny, especially when you are trying to put it down in a poetic way.
We also bought cookie crisp for R15 per box. Which is dirt cheap. So we bought six boxes for what equals about eight dollars.
At Burger King we met four people who wanted to be taught the gospel. We started teaching them the message of the Restoration of the gospel and the manager had people take a quick break to hear us then we prayed for all of them and got their details. It was so cool! 

I just thought I would tell you about that. It was pretty crazy. Elder Dryer is doing so good though! I am loving being around him! He is working real hard and loving the work. I think he is adjusting to missionary life a lot better than he was at first. It was a bit difficult for him at first, but he is finding his groove. He has already improved so much with teaching and connecting with people. I know by the end of these 10 weeks he will be ready for whatever challenge. He really came prepared, but also ready to be taught. He is a great guy. Like I have said, we are different, but we both love the work, and that unites us.
We were able to teach quite a bit, but we hope to see a few more people this coming week. We found and met with some great people who I feel like have a lot of potential to move forward and make changes in their life. Our fellowshipper Brother Rodger told them he that they should come to church and be baptized right when we met them, they accepted. It was so cool! Being bold really works.
We met with Lorenzo and his sister Maroldine. Lorenzo when he was 16 got shot by a gang in a driveby. They were trying to shoot the guy behind him, but nailed him instead. So for the past five years he has been trying to recover. He is in a wheelchair and shouldn't even be able to talk according to docters. He asked me to give him a blessing and I did so. He then said he wants to start coming to church, get baptized and grow confident in his worthiness with the Lord.
I don't have loads of time to email so I am sorry! But things here are going really well for me here. I am so happy with life.
Here are some shots for you guys with what happened this week. We ate ilusu again this week. Goat stomach. Yummy, right?
Love you all,
Elder Mitchell Ryan Thayne
Things here are going so dang well. We are working so hard and doing SO much good. Well guess what? I DEFINITELY cast out a demon this week. A woman was bed ridden and had been convulsing and hearing/seeing things for a few days. So naturally, the people, when they heard who we were, asked us to go preform and exorcism. We went there and I was asked to give the blessing. It felt so creepy there. So I laid my hands on her head, and gave her a blessing of peace, and in the name of Jesus Christ I commanded whatever spirits that were not of God, to leave. It was pretty gnarly, not gonna lie, but so cool! I have never done that before until then! Satan's powers are real. I have seen and realized that SO Much more as I have been on mission. You can literally guess and know what he will be doing next. Because he is always in such opposition to anything and everything that is good. What a jerk, right?

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