Monday, August 4, 2014

Ukulele dayz!

Ukulele dayz? What am I talking about. Lemme tell you.. Well things here were going extremely well. Then our car broke down and was in the shop for 2-almost 3-days. So that pretty much blew our week, but on the upside, I got really good at playing my new ukulele. 

We now have written a total of three songs. One is about Banana Pancakes. The other is about "The Girl I Left Back Home." Which is a funny missionary love song. Then we are writing one about mission life. So maybe I'll send a video of us singing and rapping them for you guys sometime. It's been really fun. I bought an instrument so I could try to expand my talents and improve in a lot of different areas on mission. I decided that I would use mission to change and improve myself, so why not get better and singing and playing an instrument. I think I am getting semi-close to mastering the uke though, I may just need to get a guitar. It's been quite entertaining for all of us. We preformed for sister pat and half the ward on Saturday. So that was pretty fun.
Sidenote: Dad I totally learned Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I know how much you love that song as well!
Things here are going well! We are a bit bummed with how some things ended up happening with our baptismal dates. After teaching and preparing them they all of the sudden went MIA on us! Satan definitely starts working SO much harder after you help someone do the right thing. Anyways, a few didn't come to church which resulted in us pushing back their baptisms, and then we also had to push back a few dates because we want to use them getting baptized as an opportunity to teach their families and educate them on what their sons are preparing to do! That way we can hopefully teach and prepare the whole family for baptism. So I think that'll go well. It is working well with the two guys we are pushing forward for baptism next Sunday. Monwabisi (Happiness) and Chuma who are cousins and doing SO great. We met with their families and are going to meet with them again this week. So I think this will go well! They are doing great and I am SO excited to see how things go with them. So pray that all goes well and you will get some pictures of people dressed in white next week!
I went on an exchange with Elder Bohn and we really had a great time. We met and taught a family. They are really awesome. They loved what we taught and I really think the Father is willing to make the changes that will be necessary. So things in their area are going well. Elder Bohn is a very obedient and hard working missionary. And on top of that we are pretty tight. We are really similar! He is the one that I sing and rap with all the time. Elder Ngobeni and Elder Pitsoane like to rap with us as well though. I think Elder Bohn and I may room together after mission with some other friends. It's a thought at least.
Our investigator Thandi stabbed our less active Zolani that she is living with. So we went over there and talked with them. It was pretty crazy, but we tried to help them solve it. We are going to go see them in the next day or so.
I don't know. There isn't too much more to report. Just a picture of our district and stuff. Mom, don't worry I am cutting my hair today!
Keep in touch everyone! Thanks for all the love!
Elder Thayne

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