Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25, 2014- SAVE THE DATE!‏

Well lots of great things have happened this week. And I don't remember a single one. Just kidding.

The Good: 
-We have three people that are going to be baptised next Suday May 25th. Abigail, Phelisa and Lamla. I was asked by Phelisa and Lamla to baptize them. Yes, I am just as shocked as you all are.
-Elder Ramat and I have really learned to communicate and are becoming a lot better at being pals. Of course this happens my last week with him.
-My Xhosa is getting pretty good. By pretty good I mean I can say like ten words. I was being called "Mlungu" over and over till one woman I know called me that and I just said, "Umnyama wena." (You're black.) Basically everyone died and started laughing so hard. They couldn't believe that I responded to them in Xhosa. #winning
-Our flat is clean on most days. Miracles can and do happen daily. 
-Elder Obonye, Elder Taylor and I all made a rap titled YOSO. You Only Serve Once. 
The Not So Good:
-I definitely ripped a pair of my suit pants. Luckily I have a spare.
-Two of the people we were preparing to be baptised dropped off the face of the earth. So I am not really sure what happened to them. We were pretty frustrated, but we are keeping the faith and going to continue trying to work with them.
The Funny:
-I just can't seem to keep hold of money out here. We get about $60 worth of money to live off for two weeks. It's actually quite hilarious I must say.
-No one believed me when I said that I did jui-jitsu for 10 years. So Elder Steele and I decided to wrestle/fight. We was a wrestler in high school and was on the national team actually. So naturally everyone thought I would be destroyed. 30 seconds in I choked him out with a guillotine. Thank you Dad and Mom for making us do hard things so we aren't wimps. He couldn't believe it.
-A guy, while we were filling up petrol, (this happened while I was with Capozzoli but I forgot to tell you guys about it) walked up to us and told us that the night before he had a dream. He said that in his dream he was told that he needed to go to this petrol station and wait for two "white angels" to pull up in their car. He then said he had received that vision because we were meant to buy him a full tank of petrol. Ohh my word it took everything we had not to burst out laughing. People will come up to us often and claim to have some real reason for us to buy or give them something. That time was pretty hilarious.
The Spiritual:
-This week we had a really powerful experience with a less active family. We were teaching them about God's love for us and our love for him. I stressed and emphasized the point that God has given us everything. He has promised us eternal happiness and joy. ALL He has asked is that we obey His few commandments and help build His kingdom. That is it! As I was testifying one of the more "hard-hearted" women started to cry. She was really feeling the spirit and had a desire to show God her love for him. She said she realized that he has done so much for her and that she just needs to start showing Him how grateful she is. It was a really wonderful moment for all of us I think. 
-While driving I had this distinct feeling to go check on some investigators that we hadn't seen in well over a month because of their lack of commitment and because of the fact they had been dodging us. Anyways, we went to their house and started talking to them. We met a less active guy who hadn't been to church in over ten years! We set a return appointment and they committed to start coming to church! It's just really awesome how the spirit will direct us if we are willing to listen. 
Basically it has been a good week. I feel real good about how I have spent my time here in Mdantsane. Transfers are going to be happening next week. So I am assuming that I will be leaving Mdantsane because I have been here for six months now. And what a glorious six months it has been. I am already a 1/4 of the way done with my mission. It may not sound like much, but time has flown. I don't want my mission to go by too fast! I am loving it. I love you guys and I am so grateful for all the love and support! Keep in touch. Mosiah 2:41
Love,Elder Thayne

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