Monday, March 31, 2014

Mlondolozi means Guardian

Moloweni Ubuntu! (Hi people)
Another week down. I swear time just keeps picking up speed. I want to come home eventually, but I feel like I am already running out of time! I've been out coming up on five months! Time flies when you're on the errand of angels. 
Let's look at some of the highlights of the past week. 
1) 9 people were baptized on Saturday. Astandile, Qhamani, Athule, Sibulele, Ayanda, Asi, Isi, Noseviwe, and Conale. The baptism was so long, but it was so awesome! I'll attach a picture of everyone. It was a sight to behold. I'm telling you, God has prepared so many here in Mdantsane. Then confirmations the next day took even longer. 9 people getting confirmed before the sacrament even was given out. There was only time for ten minutes of testimony meeting! 
2) Elder Oldroyd now stalls the car only once a day if at all. I'm so proud. 
3) I fought off an army of cockroaches with only a shoe, doom-spray and a companion on my side. We easily killed fifteen or more in about five minutes. 
4) Home account saved me this week. We had been surviving off of pap (which is kind of like mashed potatoes, but different) and gravy for the past five days. Then I desperation I checked to see if I had any money in the home account. Thankfully there was some, so we were able to eat something different for Oldroyd's birthday. Thank you Dad and Mum. 
5) We have to fill up our tire twice a day because there is a slow puncture in it. Thanks for borrowing the car and bringing it back in tip top shape Zone Leaders! Just kidding, but seriously though. 
6) Mama Mhini has now brought Tata Mhini to church two weeks in a row. The guy hasn't come to church two weeks in a row for over ten years. It's a miracle. 
7) I went to my first prayer meeting which is basically one of the events at a funeral here in SA. Thankfully I wasn't asked to speak. I don't even know who died... Generally they ask missionaries to speak, but we dodged that this time, I guess. A lady while we were trying to sing hymns kept yelling/singing different words over what we were singing. We were singing "I need thee every hour" and the entire time this mama kept "singing" phrases like, "Ohh touch me now Jesus" and things of that nature. It was entertaining, to say the least. 
8) My once dislocated thumb is now at 77% functioning capacity. 
9) We have over 40 people we are needing to meet with every week. Basically we need help. Mum and Dad, pack your suitcases and get out here. Friends, grab another friend and hop on a flight. Tal, snag Terry and come help me save some souls. I swear, we need all the help we can get out here. THERE IS SO MUCH WORK! 
10) I played rugby for the first time of my life while actually knowing what was going on. The first time I truly played rugby was at BYU with the rugby team at practice. I got slaughtered both times, it didn't matter whether I knew what was going on or not. 
11) I still constantly forget I am white till I reach out and shake someone else's hand. White on black... Ohh yeahh, I'm a Mlungu. 
12) Everyone here is scared of dogs. People don't really take care of their dogs so they are covered in fleas and scratch their ears so much they are ripped off. It's pretty sad to see. They all just want love. People are too scared to walk towards any mutts here. So I usually have to pave the way. 
13) My ties are all getting ripped and stained, my shoes are getting worn down, most of my pants are ripped somewhere and my scriptures are looking extremely used and abused... I feel like a missionary. 
14) We play soccer every morning at six. It really helps me to have motivation to get up and going every morning, and it helps me get better at this heavenly game. Speaking of which, I need cleats. 
15) Elder Oldroyd is now 21. We got given a chocolate cake by the senior couple to celebrate. It tasted so... American. I live for that. 
16) Luvuyo (KC) passed the sacrament! He was given the priesthood and is now killing it as a deacon. It's a big deal because I just baptized him like three weeks ago. It's fun to see how faithful he is to the gospel and how hard he works to do what is right. He comes fellow shipping with us and sits in the back and reads scriptures for seminary while we drive between appointments. 
17) I have nothing to really complain about. 
So there are some STELLAR highlights from this past week. I feel bad because I can only include like 10% of what is really happening in my emails, I just never have enough time to write it all down! Know that I am working hard and I really appreciate all the love and support coming my way. The letters, emails, prayers, packages and thoughts really make such a difference to me. I can feel it. 
I once again have worked on applying Omni 1:26 to my life and more specifically, to my work as a missionary. It talks about offering our whole souls as an offering to him. As always, I still hold myself back a bit at times, so I am working to continually align my will with Gods and let go of my other desires or focuses. The blessings have come and continue coming towards me as I strive to do this. I know that if we all apply Omni 1:26 into our lives then we can find greater happiness and qualify for even more of the Lords blessings. God wants to bless us, disobedience/selfishness are the only things that hold Him back from blessing us. So let's let go of what we want for ourselves and take hold of what God has in store for us.
I love you all, thank you for the love. I can feel it.
Elder Mitchell Ryan Thayne

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