Monday, June 8, 2015

Walala wasala - You snooze you loose.‏

So I am staying with Elder Stegelmeier another transfer, and I am so good with it. He is a great missionary. Obviously the Lord knows I need to learn more from him. I am excited. We have some big plans for this coming transfer and our Zone is behind everything 100%. So it looks like I'll help him finish his mission, then probably get another elder in here with me in Queenstown. I have probably another three months here.. Which is totally alright.
I have been doing a lot of looking in the mirror as of late. I started to sense that some of the things people were saying to me and things that were happening was letting some pride enter into my heart. I started studying talks like, "Beware of pride" and "truly good and without guile" and things along those lines. Then I started praying to Heavenly Father asking him to help me get rid of this pride and the things that were creeping into my heart. I even asked him to "shake" me if needed. I don't like it when I personally am damning my own progression.
Then in MLC president gave us all some fire. I know this really helped a lot of us elders remember what is truly important. I was loving what President talked about. We need to do right, for rights sake. There has been a trend in our mission of elders looking for recognition. President said simply enough, "Your life and ministry should speak for itself." Amen. We had a good talk with everyone about that. And it was awesome to see how we all reacted. It was a "Lord, is it I" moment. I know especially for me. The Lord for sure does answer prayers. I love it.
Everyone in the Zone is doing well. After we shared the rebuking by president with the Zone, they all got real excited and determined to be better. They all report to us and tell us great stories which is cool. It was a slower week for everyone. I think it's because the cold set in and no one we teach wants to get out of their dang beds... I feel like kicking their doors down, dragging them out of their sheets, sitting them down and telling them to repent or perish. But I guess we have a church to represent and a good name to uphold... But IF ONLY.
One of my previous companions called me Saturday morning to tell me he is going home. He called and told me he is leaving. He just said he loves me and goodbye. He had some things he had to sort out that were from mistakes back home. I just encouraged him that this is how he can fully and truly repent. I look forward to strengthening and loving him when I go home. I just hope he continues to live what he has learned on mission, I am sure he will though. - I never like seeing a missionary go home, but if it helps him as a person then I will be happy. I would rather see this elder in the celestial kingdom than on mission anyways. It's sad, but we can never try to skip out on repentance. So always do your best to be completely clean.
Well, I am learning a lot. We are involving the ward big time here in Queenstown and it really is making all the difference. Hopefully we will all be seeing the results in the next couple of transfers. Our Bishop was telling us, "Yoh, Elders, you need to slow down, you are full time and we are still trying to figure all this out! Actually, on the other hand, DON'T SLOW DOWN! I think we will all get with it soon. Us Xhosa's don't like to be outworked by Mlungu's." It was pretty great.
We did a Zone blitz, last Monday, in the town area right here in Queenstown. We all set a goal to teach 2 lessons in 2 hours to at least 2 father-led families. We then knelt down and made a covenant with the Lord to do all we could do. Some elders taught more like four or five lessons. This was all done in areas that Elder Mohale and Elder Ntuli thought that it was almost impossible. Every elder reached the goal. Elder Sengane, a brand new elder with tons of faith, was the elder who said, "Instead of one father led family, lets go for two." Such a stud. He already has such great vision and excitement for the work. I wish I was that powerful when I started my mission.
Thank you family and friends. The Lord has placed me among the greatest elders in the mission right here in Queenstown. I am learning so much from them.
- Elder Thayne

This picture is from our exchanges in Mthatha. Elder Young is sitting next to me and Elder Stegelmeier is on the far left. The family in the back left corner is a family who asked to adopt me into their clan. I am now a "Gasela". Which is a clan of Chief's in the Xhosa culture. Then the family in the right corner is the Bortang family. President Bortang is the Branch President there in Mthatha.

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